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THE IONIZER - Who is he? What is he? Is he real? So many questions..........

Part 1 (interview 1995) - Part 2 (Interview 1996) - Part 3 (his CD) - Part 4 (Interview 2007)
Released June 23, 1998 by Paladin Records

As promised, the track listing for RRAF- Roots Rock Action Figures "Calling Dr. Strong": The Ionizer's solo project-

Check-up Form The Neck Up, How Long Can She Last, One Of Those Nights, Twangeaux, No Great Shakes, The Rest Will Take Care Of Itself, Calling Dr. Strong, Friendly Little Game, Powerful Stuff, Heart She Can't Beat, Long Short Story, Secret Heart (1982)

Bobby Field (duh!)- vocals, guitar; Les James/Jimmy Lester plays drums; Kenny Vaughan plays guitar (If you haven't seen or heard Kenny play with Kim Richey, you're in for a treat.); Scott Baggett on bass

A Review from KD: As you can see there are several Webb Wilder tunes. The versions are a tad different than the one's we know and love. Are they better or worse? Hard to say. I love Twangeaux as it is an instrumental ala WW fine works like Horror Hayride and the recent Goldfinger cover. Powerful Stuff is the old Fab T-Birds tune that made it into the movie Cocktail. Calling Dr. Strong is an interesting song in which the Ionizer uses an electronic sort of voice. This song really rocks. Many of the songs are very mellow yet show off The Ionizer's strong songwriting skills. As someone mentioned earlier, it would be cool to see this crew on the road with WW singing as well. Look for some local Nashvegas dates for RRAF. For all us people from outside of Nashvegas, we are out of luck. The tour will consist of very few dates in and around town.

It will be curious to see how well this record does. As usual, the proper marketing is helpful - something that Acres Of Suede did not get (thanks Watermelon Records!). Look for it in stores in June, 1998 . Enjoy!