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The home of Since 1992, this is the original Webb Wilder resource on the internet. We applaud the official site but keep this up as an alternate site for other information, specifically older info not found anywhere else.

Thanks to: Hunter, Tater, Ian, Mike, Robert, Fiona, and Bob for the helpful initial comments.

Special thanks to Carol for the original WW WWW and Hunter for the webb-wilder initial hosting.

George Bradfute and Webb Wilder for supporting this venture into cyberspace!

Ken is in no way connected to Webb Wilder other than being one of his adoring fans who also likes good music with integrity (something that is difficult to find today). Thanks for your time.
Many people know that the internet is not free and thus hosting a site can be costly. These pages are brought to you for free and are now pop up ad free. If you would be so kind, please use the links provided within this site as the small amount of income generated can offset some of the hosting costs. Thanks!
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