The Webb Wilder band history page
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The home of Since 1992, this is the original Webb Wilder resource on the internet. We applaud the official site but keep this up as an alternate site for other information, specifically older info not found anywhere else.

Current Members

Webb Wilder- guitar, lead vocals (OBVIOUSLY!!!)

Currently , the
Beatnecks consists of:

Bob Williams - guitar

Rick Schell- drums

Tom Comet- bass

Often there can be other players due to scheduling conflicts.

Former Members

Donny Roberts (original member)
Joe McMahan
George Bradfute
Tony Bowles

Bass Players
Denny "Cletus" Blakely (aka Cletus Wollensak)
Kelley Looney
Rich Ruth
George Bradfute
Scott Esbeck
Dave Jaques

Jimmy Lester (original member)
Brian Owings
Steve Ebe
Greg Morrow

Where are they now?
George Bradfute has a cool studio called
Tone Chaparral Studios

Brian Owings plays with lots of folks see

Steve Ebe teaches and plays drums

Greg Morrow plays

Kelley Looney (RIP) toured with Steve Earle.

Cletus is playing with a band in Houston, TX called "
The Hollisters".

Rich Ruth is working in the film and video industry in Nashville.

Donnie Roberts lives in the great Northwest. For more,
go here.