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Webb Wilder at The Turning Point, Piermont, NY on July 26, 2008

So when was the last time I saw Webb Wilder? Let's not even go there........The joys of life have kept me from seeing one of the finest musical performers in the nation. Yes, we continue to grow old but I was not going to miss my chance to make it to the never ending "Economy With Dignity" tour as it rolled through the East Coast.

The Turning Point is a small little club located on the Hudson River near the Tappan Zee Bridge. The club held ~70 people which was nice considering the band was rained out the night before in NY and had not played together for a few weeks. I stopped in to catch the sound check and re-introduce myself to the band. All very gracious, as usual. I tried not to be the "stalker-type" of fan and let the band go eat by themselves. I tend to respect the privacy of a band and am always amazed at the types of people that basically cross the line from fan to fanatic.

The show started and included a nice set list.

The band sounded as tight as ever. Bob Williams was the best guitarist I have seen Webb with since George Bradfute.

Webb was spot on even though he was fighting some allergies to the lovely plants that are about. The crowd was pretty lively with many first timers there.

A short break allowed those to get a few autographs and swag. Picked up a new t-shirt and got the Credo signed. It is now framed and hanging in the office.

The second set started off right where the first on left off.

I had politely asked for two of my favorite WW songs to be played. While they are not Webb originals, they are to me by the way he plays and sings them- Slow Death and Stay Out of Automobiles. They certainly got the house rockin'.

Tom Comet and Jimmy Lester are a superb rhythm section and are just good people.

The night ended with a flurry of music talk with some people there from a magazine named Elmore that claims to be saving American music. Hey, they like Webb so they are alright in my book! Check them out.

A big thanks to Anthony from NY- great guy, good pictures (as seen above) and he will be rewarded for his kind gestures.

For those who missed the show, shame on you!

Until next time, thank you Webb and I was glad to hear that if something happens to you that the band will carry on as "And The Beatnecks"......

K. Drew