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Webb Wilder descends into a southern gothic underworld flush with casino cash, trailer trash, and raw-boned violence to rescue his congenitally misinformed nephew from rural mobsters in the droll hillbilly noir comedy SCATTERGUN.

A full time roots rocker, part-time private eye, Webb Wilder receives an SOS from his nephew Abner when 'organized thugs' intent on collecting on mounting gambling debts kidnap Abner's girlfriend, Wanda.  Accompanying Webb on his rescue mission is record company A & R (Artist and Repertory) man, Pippin Moss; an ethics-challenged entertainment industry manipulator intent on signing Webb to a new contract.  Tracking down Abner leads Webb and Pippin to Pineopolis County, Mississippi, a contemporary miasma of roadside fruit stands, dirt track car racing and murky agrarian crime where "good and evil, black and white bleed into gray in a minute and darkness sometimes catches the angels nappin'."

A fast paced comedy permeated by Webb's patented "Fess Parker on Thorizine" meets Jack Webb persona, SCATTERGUN's vibe might be described as GET SHORTY meets ERASERHEAD meets VERNON, FLORIDA in a unique hybrid southern blend that could have been hatched by Elmore Leonard Skynard.